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#27: Report: Women in crypto with Marina Spindler

av The Purse Podcast | Publicerades 6/4/2021

Marina Spindler is a Business Strategy and Communications Consultant. She worked at the oldest American think tank founded by Andrew Carnegie, and reported directly to the editor of the award-winning Foreign Policy Magazine. Her role was business development, not writing. But she received her Masters in Public Policy from NYU when she was 40 and all these experiences taught her to ask deeper questions. In this case, is crypto just about the money?  And why were most surveys so narrow and short sighted, focussed mostly on the US and the UK market when crypto is a global revolution. So she teamed up with a financial inclusion expert from Mexico and interviewed one-on-one 60 women from 31 countries with diverse education and socioeconomic backgrounds. We cover the following in our conversation: What is crypto and is this the future of money? We discuss the key findings in the report about women in crypto Why are these women changing the status quo and seeking financial freedom? Why is self-directed learning in blockchain and crypto so key? How does Marina invest? And how can you start investing in crypto?

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