BONUS: Zhou's Silverstone crash analysed + why F1 fuel is going synthetic and sustainable

This week we have another bonus episode for you, lifted directly from our sister podcast: The Race F1 Tech Show. There are two big topics on the agenda for host Edd Straw and former F1 technical director Gary Anderson, the first being Zhou Guanyu’s terrifying British Grand Prix accident. Together they take a closer look at the structures that saved the Chinese driver and ask what F1 can learn about further improving car and barrier safety. They then turn their attention to this week’s other major topic: synthetic sustainable fuel, with Formula 1’s tech chief Pat Symonds joining the pod to give us the ultimate guide on what the teams will be putting in their cars in 2026 - and just why the sport is heading down this specific route. And finally, Gary is delighted to answer a listener question on the materials used to make the more mundane parts of an F1 car, and the properties these materials must exhibit - it's much more interesting than you might think! If you enjoy the podcast, please search for The Race F1 Tech Show in your preferred podcast app and be sure to like, subscribe or follow to make sure you never miss an episode. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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