A Conversation With James Tucker (Part Two)

The Rambling Geek presents: A Conversation with James Tucker,  co-creator and co-producer of the animated series Batman: The Brave and the Bold, producer at Warner Bros. animation and all 'round nice guy. This is the conclusion of our two-part chat with James, and we discuss the musical episode of Brave and the Bold 'Mayhem of the Music Meister', his Emmy experiences, Neil Patrick Harris, Adam West, the upcoming comic Justice League Infinite which James is co-writing and acts as a follow on from the Justice League Unlimited animated series...and in an exclusive, James tells how he would have introduced Tim Drake into the DC Animated Universe! You can follow James on twitter @JTuckerAnimator Follow US on twitter @TheRamblingGeek, and on Facebook and Instagram @TRGpodcast Let us know what you thought of the episode, and please share if you liked it! Featured podcast promo: Sorry You're in My Seat - follow them on Twitter @syims_podcast Credits: Opening monologue and interstitials by Jarrod from Punch the Timeline Intro music by John_Yasutis from Pixabay End tag by Mike's daughter Hosts: Mike and Brian Produced and Edited by Mike --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/theramblinggeek/message

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