Batman the Movie (1966) with the Heritage FIlm Club!

We convene the entire Heritage Film Club to discuss the Batman '66 movie. Half of us have never experienced the campy gold that is Batman 66 so a fun chat is had. Come take a listen! Follow The Heritage Film Club on Twitter @heritagefilmpod Follow US on twitter @TheRamblingGeek, and on Facebook and Instagram @TRGpodcast Let us know what you thought of the episode, and please share if you liked it! Featured podcast promo: Comic Book Keepers - follow them on Twitter @CBKcast Opening monologue and interstitials by Jarrod from Punch the Timeline - twitter @timelinepunch Intro music by John_Yasutis from Pixabay End tag by Mike's daughter Hosts: Mike and Brian Produced and Edited by Mike --- Send in a voice message:

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