TRG 09 - We Talk Mostly About the 2017 Justice League

Welcome back for another ramble, fellow geeks! This time we talk about the original 2017 cut of the Justice League.Mike rewatched it and shares his thoughts - in fact so much so,he basically hijacks the episode. Sorry, not sorry.Other quickly touched upon subjects include the 1980s comic series Checkmate, a little bit of Alpha Flight (including who Mike wants to cast as Puck) and The Great North.Like the show? Want to support us? If you would like to support the show:Free: Subscribe to the show wherever you get your podcasts!Free: Leave us a five star review!Free: Tell your friends - word of mouth is a great free way to help us grow!Donate to the show: check out our affiliate partners at the links below! They have the cool stuff you probably wanted to buy anyway and buying through these links gives us a little kickback to support the show - with no extra costs to you (in fact, some products may even be a little cheaper!)Get your 30 day FREE Amazon Prime trial and dive into The Tick, The Boys and the upcoming Invincible animated series! store: all your pop culture t-shirt needs visit 80sTEES.COM! some comics? All the latest releases, plus a large catalogue of graphic novels, toys, and more are available at THINGS FROM ANOTHER WORLD! quality statues of your favourite pop culture properties, and the official retailer for Hot Toys, SIDESHOW COLLECTIBLES is ready to class up your shelves with some of the best figures around! Star Wars, Marvel, DC and more with payment plans available! The Rambling Geek at:Website: can follow Mike at:Instagram: can follow Brian at:Twitter: Mike and BrianEditor: MikeMusic: SQZ by Shane Ivers - https://www.silvermansound.comAudio Clips used throughout the show are copyright their respective ownersOther music and sound FX featured in the show:

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