Forest Gardens, & Old Systems of Communal Land Care

In this episode We discuss two moving videos The first is a video by one of Rye’s favorite youtuber Jon Jondai, about a monk who came to his village to save the last forest and created effectively a sustainability center, and changed many of the village’s practice to be more sustainable. Saving the last forest in the village. The second video is about a 23 year old food forest, also known as a forest garden. Miles is inspired by the gardener’s acceptance of the wildness of his garden and all the magic that brings. Amazing 23-Year-Old Permaculture Food Forest - An Invitation for Wildness It is followed by a philosophical discussion touching on the idea of a perfection, and the limitations of science.

Om Podcasten

This podcast is dedicated to the inspiring people to pursue regenerative practices in their communities, on their land, and in their bodies. We can overcome the climate crisis and forge ahead in these trying times. Every week we review some of our favorite inspiring pieces of media in an effort to spread the world and encourage people to fall in love with regenerative practices like we have.