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The Renaissance of Men Podcast

Anger: Ally or Enemy? | JOHN SONMEZ

av The Renaissance of Men Podcast | Publicerades 1/13/2021

John Sonmez, founder of Bulldog Mindset, is a men’s coach, entrepreneur, published author, public speaker, and ultra-marathon runner.We met at the 21Convention in Orlando, Florida, this past October. He’s the sort of high-energy, fit, and positive guy who makes that event so special.And while you wouldn’t know it to look at him today, he’s also a man who’s been on a remarkable journey of transformation from fat to fit, scared to brave, and sad to Chad.He’s built businesses, retired young, and traveled the world. And he’s still not done, which is a feeling I can relate to.Together, we also had what I think might have been one of the most important conversations I've yet hosted on my podcast.We discussed:John's transformation journey to become the man he isThe need to cultivate courage in cold-approaching womenHow to confront our fears to live a little bit closer to freedom.Some of the key books of the Renaissance of Men, including works by David Deida and Jack Donovan But then we got into a conversation about anger. It wasn't a conceptual conversation either.We talked about what place it has, if any, in the lives of men as it relates to our evolving and devolving environment today — a world of fear, controversy, division, and this creeping sense that something isn't right.The result was like two men rolling jiu-jitsu with our life philosophies.Getting a conversation like this on tape is a bit like catching lightning in a bottle. I felt exhilarated afterwards and more alive.Because that's what it means to be men today: to have our ideas and believe in them passionately, and then mutually put them to the test for the purpose of making us both better.To visit John and Bulldog Mindset, click the following links:YouTube — Instagram — Twitter — WebsiteTo purchase Jack Donovan, “The Way of Men” click hereTo purchase David Deida, “The Way of the Superior Man”, click hereTo purchase Robert Glover, “No More Mr. Nice Guy” click hereTo learn more about the 21Convention, click hereVisit https://renofmen.com to sign up to be notified about exciting upcoming news.Connect with us on Instagram and Twitter.

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Something is happening in the world of men: a global awakening, a time of rediscovery, a rebirth. Men around the world are drawing on the best of masculinity from all of time to redefine what it means to be a man, on their terms. The Renaissance of Men explores this global phenomenon, the men making it happen, the men benefiting from it, and how all men can transform themselves by participating in this unique historical moment.