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#2: Creating a Global Folk Session with Maurice Condie

av The Resilient Musician | Publicerades 3/4/2021

Jonny interviews Maurice Condie, the founding director of Phoenix Folk, a Newcastle-based folk collective who've launched one of the largest online folk sessions in the UK. Maurice tells the incredible story of how a small local folk session turned into a tri-weekly international session including musicians from across the globe. In fact, it's been so successful that Phoenix Folk have made as much money from their music-making this year as they did pre-pandemic! Maurice has also cracked the conundrum of how to perform simultaneously with someone over Zoom (with minimal latency) - important listening for any musicians doing virtual gigs! ---- Phoenix Folk: Their sessions can be joined every Monday, Thursday and Saturday from their Facebook page: ---- The Resilient Musician is produced by the Encore Musicians team, and is presented by Jonny Venvell (Head of Artist Relations) and James McAulay (Co-Founder & CEO). Encore ( is one of the world's largest platforms for booking musicians to perform at events, weddings and recording sessions. Over 10,000 events and gigs have been booked through Encore, and musicians on Encore have earned over £5,000,000 since the platform was launched. If you're a musician who would like to join the platform, you can sign up at: Twitter: Instagram:

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Conversations with extraordinary musicians about how they've innovated and thrived during the pandemic. Jonny Venvell (Encore Head of Artist Relations, drummer) and James McAulay (Encore CEO, cellist) interview everyone from the leaders of the world's largest Zoom choir, Ronnie Scott's band members to Wellerman TikTokers.