93 | The Importance Of Strategy In Growing Your Sales

When it comes down to it there are just four core ways to increase your sales - to get more people to buy your products, to get those people to buy more from you, to have those customers spend more with you than they will have done previously, and finally, to get those customers to come back and buy more often.  But as we all know, making any one of these things happen, let alone consistently, is a lot easier said than done. That’s why it’s imperative, as tempting as it might be, to not get caught up on quick-fix tactics and to start putting a solid sales strategy in place. An effective strategy relies on a myriad of things to succeed, you need to start making considered choices and decisions across the board, from your social media channels to email automation, if you want to see your traffic flow and steadily convert.  In today’s episode of the Resilient Retail Game Plan, I discuss important strategic areas to focus on and nurture, from customer retention to non-competitive collabs, as well as how vital tracking your strategy’s effectiveness is. We’ll also cover getting the most out of your bestsellers and how if you want to be truly successful you need to serve your customer's needs and ignite their desires.

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