98 | Playing Your Cards Right With Vicky Simmons

In episode 98 of The Resilient Retail Game Plan, I speak to Vicky Simmons, founder of the brutally honest, sarcastic greeting cards company, Mean Mail.  Inspired by the way friends talk to each other and Oscar Wilde’s famous quote “True friends stab you in the front”, Vicky’s designs are available in over 100 stockists internationally and have been commissioned by some of the world’s biggest brands. From the importance of originality to starting and staying sustainable, Vicky and I cover the ins and outs of her product business journey and talk about the moments that truly tested her. In today's podcast, we discuss hiring people for their enthusiasm and energy, dropping the blame game and owning our mistakes and the positive potential of ‘poly-work’. We also talk about the proliferation of greenwashing, the learning moments to be gained from working with stockists and staying resilient in the face of legal challenges and copycats. Check out Vicky’s amazing range of greetings cards at: https://meanmail.co/ and connect with Mean Mail at: https://www.facebook.com/meanmail.co https://twitter.com/meanmail https://www.instagram.com/meanmail/ Also, don’t forget to head over to https://www.resilientretailclub.com/grow2022 to sign up for my free online workshop. Reserve your spot for June 29th at 11 am (UK time) and I'll run you through: An industry-wide update - what are the bigger forces at work that are impacting your business Three key pitfalls that many businesses are making What you can learn from the businesses that continue to thrive See you there! 

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