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Known by musicians around the world as the “Minister of Groove,” Zoro is an internationally-renowned rock star, one of the world’s most respected and award-winning drummers. Throughout more than thirty years of his career, Zoro has been consistently voted the #1 R&B drummer and clinician by the premier music industry publications Modern Drummer, Drum!, and Rhythm Magazine.   *******SUBSCRIBE/RATE/REVIEW!!! www.richredmond.com/listen   The Rich Remond Show is sponsored by: Big Dot Lighting - Commercial LED Lighting Specialists   -and-   Bruce Cline Home Loans & Mortgage Refinance | Movement Mortgage www.musiciansmortgage.com       Some Things That Came Up:    -Zoro's books -Zoro being in teen heart throb magazines when he was with New Edition -3 forms of success: vocational, spiritual, personal -Finding your purpose -Concept of SOAR -Hanging with Paul Allen, noting his sadness -People's thoughts at their death -Everyone has faith in something in some way -Ministering at San Quentin -Thinking of everything in light of eternity -Getting his first drumkit, a Mickey Mouse toy drumset -Finding his father -Changing his High School experience with a drumming performance -Zoro's first world problem.... -Am I enough? -Haters         Zoro has toured and recorded with some of the most famous legends in the music industry including Lenny Kravitz, Bobby Brown, Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, New Edition, Jody Watley, Philip Bailey of Earth, Wind & Fire, Angie Stone, Vanessa Paradis, Sean Lennon, Lisa Marie Presley, and Brian King Joseph. But Zoro breaks the “rock star” stereotype. More than a drummer, he’s a dreamer. With his deep passion for teaching, inspiring, and guiding others to follow their own dreams, his star-studded musical career has catapulted him to a different stage...as a motivational speaker, dynamic storyteller, and inspirational author, sharing his practical wisdom that empowers people to cultivate the greatness that lies within and live out their dreams. A kinetic bundle of human energy and enthusiasm, the Minister of Groove captures audiences and readers with his contagious spirit, sense of humor, and signature hip style.               Follow:  www.zorothedrummer.com Facebook: @zorothedrummermusic Twitter: @zorothedrummer Instagram: @zorotehdrummer         The Rich Redmond Show is about all things music, motivation and success. Candid conversations with musicians, actors, comedians, authors and thought leaders about their lives and the stories that shaped them. Rich Redmond is the longtime drummer with Jason Aldean and many other veteran musicians and artists. Rich is also an actor, speaker, author, producer and educator. Rich has been heard on thousands of songs, over 25 of which have been #1 hits!   Rich can also be seen in several films and TV shows and has also written an Amazon Best-Selling book, "CRASH! Course for Success: 5 Ways to Supercharge Your Personal and Professional Life" currently available at:   https://www.amazon.com/CRASH-Course-Success-Supercharge-Professional/dp/B07YTCG5DS/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=crash+redmond&qid=1576602865&sr=8-1   One Book: Three Ways to consume....Physical (delivered to your front door, Digital (download to your kindle, ipad or e-reader), or Audio (read to you by me on your device...on the go)!   Buy Rich’s exact gear at www.lessonsquad.com/rich-redmond   Follow Rich: @richredmond www.richredmond.com   Jim McCarthy is the quintessential Blue Collar Voice Guy. Honing his craft since 1996 with radio stations in Illinois, South Carolina, Connecticut, New York, Las Vegas and Nashville, Jim has voiced well over 10,000 pieces since and garnered an ear for audio production which he now uses for various podcasts, commercials and promos. Jim is also an accomplished video producer, content creator, writer and overall entrepreneur.   Follow Jim:   @jimmccarthy www.jimmccarthyvoiceovers.com      

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Rich Redmond, Veteran musician and longtime drummer with Jason Aldean, hosts “The Rich Redmond Show”, a show highlighting all things music, motivation, and success. Candid conversations with musicians, actors, comedians, authors and thought leaders about their lives and the stories that shaped them.