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2: Ben Kayser - Partying for 72 Hours Straight In France & Archies Crazy Valentines Day

av The Rig Biz Podcast | Publicerades 2/18/2021

Today we're joined by one of the most respected French rugby players and now pundits in the world of rugby in Mr Benjamin Kayser. He gives us an insight into his incredible career from playing under the maverick chairman Max Guazzini at Stade Francais to his incredibly fruitful time at Leicester Tigers, to looking after James Haskell in Paris and finishing off becoming great mates with Benders! He lifts the lid on stories which have never been told before from his time working alongside and under some of the biggest names in rugby both in france and england. Also on the podcast we once again wrestle through a new 'Clubhouse Diaries' initiation story to see if it can beat last weeks lousy effort and also hear another entry from Archie's diary written during his gap year in canary wharf. However, the story which really steals the show is the outrageous events which took place to Archie on valentines day...... -- We'd love to invite you to try out a 5 day trial with the incredible guys at Fresh Fitness Food - they make delicious bespoke meals delivered daily and are curated to help you achieve your health goals - seriously these shave the chassis whilst remaining delicious - get £50 off your 5 day trial with the code - RIGBIZ50 Now! Finally, if you're reading this and you've lost your lid or you fear that you maybe on the way to loosing your lid, then don't just sit there and accept it - you can still do something about it! Thanks to SONS non evasive treatment which works in over 9/10 guys - you can be reunited with your lid in as little as 1 - 3 months - so ‘Show hair loss who’s boss’ Go to and use the code RIGBIZ20 to get £20 off your first order!

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