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3: Maeve Madden - Her Worst Celebrity Dates Revealed - Getting Engaged To The Original CCO & Building A Million Pound Fitness Empire

av The Rig Biz Podcast | Publicerades 6/9/2021

The sun is shining and the weather is sweet and we're beyond delighted to be joined by the Queen of the fitness world - Maeve Madden. In our incredibly entertaining interview she reveals; how she started her incredible online fitness company, her worst celebrity dates on RAYA, how she's now engaged to the original CEO / CCO of Clapham, her previous engagement breakdown, being rushed to A&E for a life saving operation, and much more. Archie also gives us an update on how the weather has allowed him to prosper with BD on the golf courses of the home counties, his new favourite delivery app Weezy, why he looks so good in Beaufort & Blake stash and how he's looking to improve in the fitness world thanks to a genius new product from SONS. We also dissect an incredibly entertaining 'Club House Story' about Italian international Tommaso Allan. --- LOOK INCREDIBLY CHARMING THIS SUMMER WHEREVER YOU FIND YOURSELF IN BEAUFORT & BLAKE STASH AND GET 15% OFF ALL THEIR INCREDIBLE CLOTHES WITH THE CODE - LASH15 - GET 50% OFF ALL PRODUCTS FROM PREMIUM GROCERY DELIVERY SERVICE 'WEEZY' WITH THE CODE - RIGBIZ50 - The 15-minute Supermarket | Weezy | UK GET £25 OFF SONS NEW GENIUS PROBIOTIC SUPPLEMENT AND FIND THE EDGE IN BUSINESS, SPORT AND WITH THE CHICAS WITH THE CODE - RIGBIZ25 - FINAL 10 TICKETS FOR OUR LIVE POD ON THE 21ST JUNE

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