Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Disruptive Technologies on Post-COVID-19 World Economy: Part 2

In the previous episode of the podcast, we discuss the impact of artificial intelligence and disruptive technologies on post-COVID-19 world economy, focusing mainly on the labor market and industry. Artificial intelligence and disruptive technologies have a transformative impact on the labor market, business, international trade and trade negotiations, banking and payment systems, and overall GDP growth. The growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the development of disruptive technologies continue unabated. Economic conditions that support the fourth industrial revolution stand to change significantly in post-COVID-19 global economy. And the role of AI and disruptive technologies may change as well. In this episode of The Risk Experience Podcast, we discuss the impact of artificial intelligence and disruptive technologies on international trade and the global economy in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic. Joining me for this discussion is Dr. Badri Narayanan Gopalakrishnan.

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