High Failure Rate in Roofing Explained (For Owners + Sales Reps)

Most owners go out of business in their first few years… And 2 out 3 of sales reps don’t even last 1 year!  Why is the failure rate in roofing so high? I explain exactly why in this new video. The saddest part is the lives that are ruined… As owners lose their life savings. Sales reps bet on themselves, go broke, and drive deeper into debt.  But when you surround yourself with the right people, you will be wildly successful.  The people who you can lean on.  Learn from.  Feel connected to. That’s one of the reasons I founded the Roofing & Solar Reform Alliance. To join you in the trenches - alongside industry leading experts like John Senac, Dashaun Bryant, Jim Ahlin, and Kody Landals.  So you and your team can start living and breathing roofing - like a pro.  Here’s to your success, wealth, and incredible future. See you inside: https://www.rsra.org/join or call/text 303-222-7133=============Join the Roofing & Solar Reform Alliance to OutSell, OutGrow, and OutCompete the Rest as We STOMP The Scum Out!     -  Sales Training & Ongoing Support     -  Endorsement & Differentiation     -  Mentorship & CollaborationBecome one of us: https://www.rsra.org/joinText ‘DEMO’ 303-222-7133 or call.FREE Training Center: https://theroofstrategist.com/free-training-centerGet My Book: https://a.co/d/7tsW3LxCONTACTCall/Text: 303-222-7133Email: help@roofstrategist.comFOLLOW ADAM BENSMANhttps://www.facebook.com/adam.bensman/https://www.facebook.com/RoofStrategist/https://www.instagram.com/roofstrategist/https://www.tiktok.com/@roofstrategisthttps://www.linkedin.com/in/roofstrategist/#roofstrategist #roofsales #d2d  #solar #solarsales #roofing #roofer #canvassing #hail #wind #hurricane #sales #roofclaim #rsra #roofingandsolarreformalliance #reformers

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