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Many salespeople are bombarded with countless tech tools to make their lives easier. But what if one tool helped unify your department’s sales process? On today’s episode of The Sales Evangelist, Donald is joined by the CEO and co-founder of Scratchpad, Pouyan Salehi, to discuss how sellers can utilize Scratchpad to eliminate their sales stack drag. Salespeople have many tools at their disposal but often rely on their own systems. People are digitally duct-taping a workspace together to do the job they need rather than using a unified system. This means sellers can spend hours each week updating the next steps for management to view, creating a massive waste of time.  Scratchpad unifies sellers’ efforts by creating a space for sellers to work. Athletes have gyms, artists have studios, and salespeople have Scratchpad - a workspace for them. The end goal? Eliminate sales stack drag. For salespeople, drag is an important concept; it’s the burden on salespeople that prevents them from doing their best. This could be due to many reasons, from the available tech stack and new sales methodologies to product information and new competitors. Salespeople have to hit quotas and solve these challenges that create drag in their work. Sellers, on average, only spend 40% of their time selling.  Scratchpad gives you back time in your day, helping you reinvest that time into efforts that contribute to your bottom line.  It helps sales teams share client information to make selling seamless, eliminating additional conversations to verify information already gathered. Scratchpad was built with the seller in mind because If they love it, they’re more likely to encourage adoption to leadership.  After adoption, sales leaders often realize Scratchpad doesn’t just increase sales performance but also employee morale. From individual usage to departmental adoption: Everyone processes information differently, and that level of flexibility should exist within a team’s space.  Scrathpad’s deliberate customization meets salespeople where they are and is built to go anywhere with you. It removes bouncing between tabs, uniting everything you need in just one place. The concept of a new tool is thought of as another thing sellers have to learn. But anyone can start seeing value with Scratchpad after just a few minutes of use. Visit to sign up and get started using this helpful platform, and connect with Pouyan on LinkedIn for more great content. This episode is brought to you in part by LinkedIn Sales Navigator. The Great Resignation has become the Great Reshuffle, meaning it can be difficult for sales professionals like you to find leads and close deals. Luckily, Sales Navigator from LinkedIn is here for you! 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