Achieve Peak Performance For Everyday Life With Tim Butters & Jeremy Hassel

In this episode of The Sauna Show, we explore what's required to run an impactful & successful business, all whilst maintaining your health, wellness, and sense of wellbeing. Peak performance - often referred to as having an 'athlete mindset' - is the maintenance of optimal wellbeing through disciplined routines. These routines might be an amalgamation of; meditation, diet/nutrition, exercise, the use of float tanks, infrared saunas, and technology alike. To learn more about achieving and maintaining peak performance for everyday life, we talked to Tim Butters & Jeremy Hassell, the Co-founders of City Cave, a next-generation wellness center focused on providing relief for concerns that are rooted in either the mind, body, or gut. Both with extensive knowledge in not only running successful businesses but maintaining healthy lifestyles for both themselves, their employees, and their franchisees.

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The Sauna Show explores new ways to combat modern life and reclaim your health and vitality. It is hosted by Sebastian Mierau and Johannes Kettelhodt, the CEOs of Clearlight Jacuzzi Saunas International. They are sitting down with scientists, holistic health practitioners and changemakers in the wellness space to talk about all things ancestral wisdom and modern science, detox, health and happiness.