An Exploration of Tonic Herbalism with Sage Dammers

An exploration of the most sophisticated system of herbology, Sage explains the 3 treasures of Taoism and the accumulative benefits that happen when consuming tonic herbs as they are intended.  Taking a deeper look into the 3 treasures of Taoism (Jing, Qi, Shen), Sage explains the core concepts in an easy to understand manner, providing the listener with a foundation to the importance of herbalism. 

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The Sauna Show explores new ways to combat modern life and reclaim your health and vitality. It is hosted by Sebastian Mierau and Johannes Kettelhodt, the CEOs of Clearlight Jacuzzi Saunas International. They are sitting down with scientists, holistic health practitioners and changemakers in the wellness space to talk about all things ancestral wisdom and modern science, detox, health and happiness.