Hot & Cold Sauna Bathing Techniques With Dr Marc Cohen

We talk to Dr. Marc Cohen, a medical doctor with over 30 years of experience and a university professor, who has written over 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers, multiple books, and technical texts, on wellness and natural medicine. This episode teaches his techniques on how to enhance the sauna experience, how to prolong the time within a sauna or ice bath to be "comfortably uncomfortable", and this basic sauna bathing framework to maximise the therapeutic benefits of a sauna. A true pioneer in holistic wellness, Dr. Cohen has paved the way for scientific research to be conducted on both hot & cold sauna bathing, and in this episode, shares his insights from that research. With an ethos of "wellness being more infectious than illness", Dr. Cohen resonates with a passion and a mission to educate the world on "why feeling good is good for you". Further topics in this episode include detoxification with sauna bathing, toxins from water sources, a look at peer-reviewed research papers and findings, and this notion of 'if you're not using a filter, you are the filter.

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The Sauna Show explores new ways to combat modern life and reclaim your health and vitality. It is hosted by Sebastian Mierau and Johannes Kettelhodt, the CEOs of Clearlight Jacuzzi Saunas International. They are sitting down with scientists, holistic health practitioners and changemakers in the wellness space to talk about all things ancestral wisdom and modern science, detox, health and happiness.