Understanding Hormone Imbalance And Its Effects On Your Body With Shaun & Sam

Hormone imbalance can be attributed to multiple chronic health problems, and the effects of hormonal imbalance on the human body can be devastating. What's worse is, not only are hormones heavily misunderstood and overlooked but that the symptoms of hormone imbalance can be so gradual that the majority of the population living with hormonal imbalance go about their daily lives unaware of this issue. According to studies, more than 80% of women are affected by hormone imbalance, and also attributes to 40% of infertile couples. Women who commonly suffer from hormonal imbalance but are not aware may see symptoms of infertility, heavy/painful menstruation, blood sugar issues, hair loss, and weight gain, plus much more. For men over the age of 20, growth hormone declines roughly by 14% each year, affecting sleep, muscle development, low libido, and more. In this episode of The Sauna Show we sit down with Shaun and Sam, founders and creators of Be Spunki & Be Genki, a natural hormonal balancing supplement sourced from TGA approved, trialed and tested formulas of tonic herbs. With such a high level of knowledge of the bodies production of hormones and how they affect the human body, both Sam and Shaun give excellent recounts of their own experiences, what science has shown, their journey with Be Spunki and Be Genki and how you can ensure your hormone health is operating at its optimal performance.

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