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039: How to start investing feat. David, Co-Founder Wealth8

Investing can be tricky for most people but David started to think about how to simplify it especially for the black and multi-ethnic communities and has recently co-founded Wealth8 ~ a digital wealth and investment management platform, for those in the diaspora to get started with investing including sustainable and impact investing. We talk about his money journey, why investing is important, myths around investing and how to start investing with Wealth8. Check out more and sign up to Wealth8 at and @wealth8_ on Instagram.

Om Podcasten

My name is Bukiie Smart and my purpose is to help you achieve financial freedom. I do that through helping you make better money decisions on saving, spending and investing. I’m a personal finance author, speaker and content creator. I’m here to help YOU so you can always hit me up @savespendinvest on Instagram and Twitter & submit your questions and suggestions! *Please rate and review this podcast, if you enjoy it.*