Christmas Special Edition

Jesus is the true meaning of Christmas. Join us for songs that lead us through the Christmas story. Helpers: Audrey and Heidi.Recorded and produced by: Ashley B. LarsonDon’t forget to check out the coloring pages that go along with each lesson! you have enjoyed this program and would like to know more, go to our website: www.startingwithjesus.comThe Bible and nature story material used in today’s devotional podcast has been used with permission from My Bible First. If you would like your own copy, please visit their website-or call 1-877-242-5317.If you would like to purchase your own Memory Verse CD or Songbook, go to Ouachita Hills Store ( you would like to purchase the full Scripture Songs and Little Lessons CD, go to from: Little Voices Praise Him, SDA Hymnal, Sabbath Songs For Tiny Tots, New Sabbath Songs For Tiny Tots, Memory Verse Verse Songs for Cradle Roll, Children's Songs For Jesus, and Scripture Songs and Little LessonsAll Bible verses are from the NKJV.Singers for this Quarter: Tory, Caleb, and Enoch Hall, Hudson Reeves, Michael and Amy NelsonEditing assist: Dillon Austin and Josh LarsonMusic Recording and Editing: Rachel Nelson and Kristy HallColoring Pages: Rachel Lamming, Lily Canada, and Evie RodriguezTheme Music: Lindsey Mills- God: who gives talents for us to use for Him

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The SEEDPOD for Beginners is intended for 1 to 5 years old to form a habit of starting their day with Jesus. In just 9-10 min. they will learn short, fun songs including memory verse songs and hymns, hear a Bible story at their level and a simple memory verse, and be encouraged to love Jesus through nature and the Bible. This podcast includes little children answering questions, singing and praying. Bible and nature lessons follow the My Bible First-Beginner Lessons. There are also daily coloring pages that go along with each lesson. To find those coloring pages and to find out more about this program, check out our website at the Beginner's Podcaster Ashley Larson is a mother of two playful daughters and lives with her husband, Josh, in Northern California. She became a Seventh-Day Adventist as a young teenager. She is currently a stay-at-home mom and Beginner's Sabbath School leader. Prior to motherhood, she worked as a Physical Therapist Assistant in pediatrics, as a colporteur, and as aBible worker in the Central California Conference. Ashley loves the outdoors, singing, and playing with her girls. You can reach her at