Featuring Shirley Thiessen, Grief Coach and Founder of CornerBend

Shirley Thiessen is the founder of CornerBend, which is a grief ministry.  She creates grief resources that serve as a playbook of best practices because most people don’t know what is helpful to say or do for their grieving friends. And for many, it feels awkward, so they do nothing.  But no one should have to grieve alone. From Shirley’s personal experience of losing her own son only 12 days after his wedding, she wrote, The Little Black Funeral Dress- Five Things I Wish I Had Known About Grief. With simple yet effective strategies, Shirley helps people gain confidence and learn how to express empathy and compassion in ways that feel lifesaving to the griever. Learn more about Shirley Thiessen and CornerBend at ShirleyThiessen.com and be sure to download your free gift: 8 Practical Ways to Support Your Grieving Friends with Hope.  You can also follow CornerBend on Facebook and Instagram.  The Little Black Funeral Dress can be purchased on Amazon.

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