5. Why Too Much Self-Help Can Be Unhealthy

It all started from a genuine place to feel better... We never intend for self-help to become like a bad habit that consumes us and every waking moment -- but it can if we aren't careful. We can get so caught up in "bettering ourselves" that it causes us immense anxiety and stress when we do things that are labeled as unproductive.  I share about my journey to discovering the self-help world, how I let it take over my life, and my light-bulb moment when I knew it had gone too far. I'd realized that I stopped doing the things I enjoyed or found simple pleasures in. Instead, I felt that every single minute had to be productive or else it was a waste. If this sounds like you then pop in those ear buds and hit play! In this episode, you'll learn: • How to tell when you're burned out from self-help. • Finding balance between bettering oneself and enjoying life. • Why life is better when you're not always trying to "fix" yourself. Check out the post, "Why Your Obsession with Self-Help Might Not be Healthy" Follow along on Instagram @lifebyalissa Learn more at lifebyalissa.com Join the waitlist for the Highly Sensitive & Soulful Membership

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