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401: Do Not Let This Lie Damage The End Of 2019

av The Shameless Mom Academy | Publicerades 12/30/2019

Your social media feed is probably full of posts touting how awful 2019 has been.  People who look back on a year of losses and defeat, eager to close the door and start over. 

I get it to some extent. 

And also… I think you are doing yourself a MASSIVE disservice if this is the attitude you choose to close the door on 2019 with. 

You did a lot this year.

You did hard things. 

You did big things.

You did brave things.

You learned. 

You grew. 

You prospered. 

Sometimes you fell. 

And you got back up.

You cleaned your wounds. 

You kept going.

You are stronger for everything you endured this year.

You are better for all the times you fell.

You are tougher for all the times you ugly cried.

This was a year of lessons and learning that will serve you WELL in 2020. 

And a lot of great things happened all over the world this year. 

You don’t get to see that when you track the traditional US news cycle.

Listen to hear all the ways 2019 ROCKED in big ways and small.  There will be some surprises in this episode for sure.  I hope they inspire you to love your year and feel LIT UP about starting a new one.

I am proud of all the hard things you did this year. 


Congrats on your growth in 2019. 

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