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405: Finding & Fine Tuning Alignment In The New Year

av The Shameless Mom Academy | Publicerades 1/13/2020

When you are “in alignment” your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions are all supportive of each other.  You feel a sense of ease knowing there is congruence between your heads, hearts, and actions.

Alignment feels good - and powerful. 

Alignment allows us to feel stable and confident and even eager about our days, in spite of the daily hiccups that inevitably get thrown our way.

When we are out of alignment, things feel quite different. We feel uneasy.  We struggle in our relationships.  We feel lost and unsure of our own sense of self and even our own self-worth.  We tend to get sick more.  We feel foggy and uninspired.  We succumb to numbing behaviors like more alcohol, more sugar, more mindless social media scrolling, more TV binging.

Being out of alignment does not feel good.  It feels disempowering, sometimes even crippling.

I want you to kick off this year with a conscientiousness around how congruent your thoughts, feelings, and motions are with your actions.  Listen in to learn if you’re in alignment and how to get in alignment/stay in alignment in 2020!

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