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417: “I Don’t Have Anything To Offer”

av The Shameless Mom Academy | Publicerades 2/24/2020

Have you ever met a woman who didn’t have anything to offer?

Yeah, me neither. 

Every woman I’ve ever met has had something extraordinary and unique that qualifies her to take up her very own special place in this world. 

While you may fully recognize what other women have to offer, you may fail to see what you have to offer.  You may think that everyone else has something to offer - and you don’t. 

This is simply untrue. 

This became glaring to me when I recently asked in our private FB group, “What’s holding you back from attending Shameless Mom Con?”  A few mamas said they were worried they didn’t have anything to offer and thought they might not fit in with the other awesome attendees. 

Isn’t it funny (and sad!) how we get in our own way???

Listen in to hear me coach you out of this mindset that you have less to offer than anyone around you.  Listen in to hear the truth.

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