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423: 5 Ways To Find Light In The Darkness Of COVID-19

av The Shameless Mom Academy | Publicerades 3/16/2020

For those of us who enjoy control and predictability in life, these are tough (if not excruciating) times.  We are living in a pandemic - something I ignorantly and blissfully thought only existed in history books and Bible stories…

But, friends, we are still living.  Just under very different circumstances than we are used to.

Know this - we are standing at the start line of a marathon.  We need to show up prepared to pace ourselves, stay nourished & hydrated and - most importantly - keep our head game STRONG.

Some of you have heard the story of my one and only marathon.  At mile 2 I decided I didn’t really feel like running anymore.  I was just over it…  And the following 4+ hours were absolutely grueling.  I couldn’t mentally recover, which made me physically deteriorate at a rapid pace.

In the case of COVID-19, we cannot afford to deteriorate at the start line, or at mile 2.  We will need to be extremely intentional and diligent in managing our energy and expectations.  We will need to be nimble, adaptable, and creative.  We will need to create boundaries around the places (namely the internet) and people who drain us or create unnecessary fear, panic or anxiety within us.

We also need to take radical responsibility for seeking hope and happiness during this marathon.  If we are to sustain ourselves over the coming months, we must be able to find the cracks where the light is begging to come in.  I promise they exist - but you will need to actively seek them out.

I am in Seattle - the US epicenter of COVID-19.  Our city is pretty much shut down.  It is hard and heavy.  And there is light.  I can see the cracks.  If I can see the cracks you can too.

Listen in to learn 5 ways to find light in the darkness of COVID-19.  Also, please join me for our upcoming free Hope, Happiness & Mental Health Challenge (sign up:  We start Monday, March 23rd.  This challenge is the light you’re looking for.

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