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427: Keep Returning to Who You Are

av The Shameless Mom Academy | Publicerades 3/30/2020

When things get hard, you know how to show up.  You know what matters most.  You know where to set boundaries.  You know what you stand for.  You know how to prioritize your time and your efforts. 

You have weathered some big storms in your day and you always come out stronger on the other side.

You set boundaries because you know what matters most right now and you know when the risks outweigh the benefits and when the benefits outweigh the risks.

You are not afraid to take uncomfortable action because you are a mama bear who knows what it means to go after what you and your family need most.

You are being tested in big ways right now.

Really big ways.

But it's ok. 

You got this.

Because you know who you are.  And you will continue returning to your roots.

You will continue to lean into your core values.

You will continue to be someone who does the right thing for your family and for the greater good.

You may cry.

You may bleed.

But that does not dampen or dim the torch you are carrying that will lead you to the next place you need to land.

You have seen hard times before.  And you have found the cracks in order to let in the light.  You are not someone who shies away from shining when the going gets tough.

If you can keep returning to who you are you will continue to be comforted by your own strength and power and tenacity. 


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