The Perfect Spiral to WW3? Biden VS Trump? How to Keep Your Peace + Dude Perfect are Christian's! |Shawn Bolz Show

Welcome to the Shawn Bolz Show where we look at current events, the entertainment world, and what is happening around the globe from a Christian discerning perspective that hopefully inspires you to keep looking for what God is doing in the midst of what is going wrong. Are we spiraling towards war? With blockbuster movies like Oppenheimer and popular shows like Fallout, coupled with the palpable tension in today's world, the sense of anxiety is palpable. Our special guest, Brant Hanson, brings his expert Biblical perspective to the table, offering invaluable insights on how to maintain peace amidst turmoil. But wait, there's more! Prepare to be inspired as we uncover the surprising truth about Dude Perfect, the internet sensation. Did you know they are devout Christians using their massive platform to spread the message of God? You won't want to miss this eye-opening revelation! Tune in for all this and more on today's episode!  Come join me on my Social Media:  Facebook: Shawnbolz Twitter: ShawnBolz Instagram: ShawnBolz TikTok: ShawnBolz YouTube: ShawnBolzofficial Find me on TV: TBN: Watch my series on the names of God: Discovering God series: Watch my series on hearing God's voice: Translating God series: Watch my weekly series/Vodcast on CBN News Network: Exploring the Marketplace Join me for my podcasts on Charisma Podcast Network: News Commentary: Prophetic Perspectives: Exploring the Marketplace: Exploring the Prophetic: Take a class or attend an event at our Spiritual Growth Academy: Our 4 week classes and monthly events are designed to do the heavy lifting in your spiritual growth journey. Learn how to hear from God, stay spiritually healthy, and impact the world around you: Take a read:  Translating God - Hearing God's voice for yourself and the world around you Encounter - A spiritual encounter that will shape your faith Through the Eyes of Love - Wired to Hear - Hearing God's voice for your place of career and influence Growing Up With God - Chapter book and kids curriculum Keys to Heaven's Economy - Understanding the resources for your destiny: Read my articles: At CBN News : At Charisma News : Email My Assistant: Our resources: Our office:

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Weekly News Commentary podcast from a Christian perspective to process what God is doing in culture, politics, the marketplace, and the news. We are taking the opportunity to be responsive to things that are happening weekly as well as bring prophetic perspective in a conversational way.