Episode 10: Becoming a great leader with Natalie O'Donnell

On today's episode we are joined by Natalie O'Donnell. Natalie has a varied career background across many leadership roles within the Financial Services and Technology industries. On today's episode, we discuss what makes a great leader, how to develop a leadership mindset and invest in yourself, as well as giving back and how Natalie supports the younger generation of females coming through the business. Contact Natalie on Linked In by clicking here.Subscribe to The She Project Newsletter by clicking here. Follow The She Project on:Instagram: @thesheprojectpodcastFacebookLinked InOr contact Laura at thesheproject@outlook.comPlease subscribe & leave a review.Thanks,The She Project

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A podcast for women with ambition who want to climb the ladder and be the best version of themselves. The She Project will guide women through all aspects of their career and dispel the myths that exist around women in the workplace. We will be speaking to inspirational women who have been extremely successful in their fields and find out exactly how they got where they are today and how you can own your own career.