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Episode 10: How to use your personality traits as your 'superpowers' & excel your career with Emma Lloyd

Emma Lloyd joins The She Project to discuss the ways her personality traits have impacted her career. Emma has repeatedly received feedback throughout her career & school years about certain personality traits such as her sensitivity and has been advised that she should try 'tone it down' or try get rid of it completely. Despite this, Emma has used these personality traits and believes these are exactly why she has been so successful in her career and now is Head of Experience at MB people as well as owning her own Coaching business called Create the Ripple which she also uses as a platform to spread positivity on Twitter. In this episode we will be talking about:What traits don't fit the 'traditional' view of a leaderManaging these traits and turning them into her 'superpowers'How these traits have impacted her careerHow the traditional leadership role and traits are changingFollow Emma on Linked In: Follow Create the Ripple on Twitter: Follow The She Project on:Instagram: @thesheprojectpodcastFacebookLinked InOr contact Laura at thesheproject@outlook.comPlease subscribe & leave a review.Thanks,The She Project

Om Podcasten

A podcast for women with ambition who want to climb the ladder and be the best version of themselves. The She Project will guide women through all aspects of their career and dispel the myths that exist around women in the workplace. We will be speaking to inspirational women who have been extremely successful in their fields and find out exactly how they got where they are today and how you can own your own career.