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Episode 11: Taking your career abroad with Rachael Orleans

On today's episode we have Rachael Orleans. She is currently Director of Business Change, leading Change Management for Global Operations in International markets and was previously Head of Leadership and Talent Development for International Markets. With over 20 years of corporate experience in large global organizations, she has held various leadership roles in organizational and talent development, marketing and communications, Client Management, and Operations at Credit Suisse, HSBC and UBS in the UK, Malaysia and Hong Kong.On this episode we're going to discuss: What influenced Rachael's choice to move abroadThe importance of networking and building relationships for future opportunitiesAdapting to the cultural differences between the UK, Malaysia and Hong KongSupport from friends and family How she's grown personally and professionally from moving abroadGetting made redundant in a foreign country Contact Rachael on Linked In by clicking here.Subscribe to The She Project Newsletter by clicking here. Follow The She Project on:Instagram: @thesheprojectpodcastFacebookLinked InOr contact Laura at thesheproject@outlook.comMake sure you always leave a review and subscribe! Thanks,The She Project

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