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Episode 9: From Graduate to Director in 6 years with Jen Drabble

Jen Drabble joins The She Project to discuss her career journey where she is now a director of data in financial services. She and the team focus on applying a scientific approach to problems and embedding a data-driven product-led culture. She is a keen advocate for encouraging diversity within the data industry and believes that a breath of experiences and backgrounds build the best products. Jen has worked across design, digital, retail and b2b financial products including two years in Johannesburg, South Africa.In this episode we will be talking about:The importance of having great managersHow she has made key decisions through her career journeyChallenges of being younger than her colleaguesDealing with imposter syndromeFollow Jen on Linked In at: The She Project on:Instagram: @thesheprojectpodcastFacebookLinked InOr contact Laura at thesheproject@outlook.comPlease subscribe & leave a review.Thanks,The She Project

Om Podcasten

A podcast for women with ambition who want to climb the ladder and be the best version of themselves. The She Project will guide women through all aspects of their career and dispel the myths that exist around women in the workplace. We will be speaking to inspirational women who have been extremely successful in their fields and find out exactly how they got where they are today and how you can own your own career.