Chef John Winter Russell (Restaurant Candide, Montreal) - Part 1

This week, a conversation in quarantine with John Winter Russell, Chef and Founder of Restaurant Candide in Montreal.

Host Chris Jacobs first had the chance to speak with John at Candide before everything shut down, and decided to reconnect with him recently on FaceTime to see how he is facing the challenges of being an independent chef and restaurant owner in the time of Covid 19.

They get a chance to talk about some of the music he’s listening to in quarantine and the food he’s making at home, but John also talks about some of the ways he’s been able to give back to the restaurant workers affected by job losses in Canada, as well as a recent opportunity to create menus for the food banks of Montreal.

If you live in Montreal and need some craft beer delivered to your house, send an email at All proceeds will go to the Montreal Restaurant Workers Crisis Relief Fund.

We’ll be airing our non-quarantine episode from Candide in Montreal on April 17.

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