Episode 28: Arthur's Nosh Bar - Montreal

This week, our first of three episodes from the great and wintry city of Montreal with Arthur’s Nosh Bar, a cozy breakfast and lunch spot serving Jewish classics, including menu standouts like crispy schnitzel served on thick-cut challah or a latke smorgasbord featuring organic gravlax, fluffy scrambled eggs and caviar.

Opened in 2016, Arthur’s has garnered praise from Bon Appetit, Goop and Canada’s Globe and Mail, and it all started with owners Raegan Steinberg and her husband, Alex Cohen.

They sat down with The Shift List amidst the hustle of Arthur’s staff wrapping up service in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon to talk about everything from the playlist they prepared for the birth of their daughter Freia, to their personal and professional journey that led them to open Arthur’s Nosh Bar.

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