63. Re-think Your Reels & TikTok Content

Jera Foster-Fell, aka Jera Bean, is a social media coach, speaker, and content creator. Jera teaches the ins and outs of creating your own personal brand online, the secrets to building a loyal and engaged community, and all the steps that it takes to use social media as a powerful + positive tool for your business. She is the founder of The Social Media Saloon, an intensive coaching program that focuses on Instagram, has created social media programs for major brands like MAC cosmetics, and has led social media bootcamp series training hundreds of people on TikTok for companies like Estee Lauder. Jera prides herself on always putting forth a mix of determination, creativity, humor, and authenticity also known as the secret sauce! In five years, Jera went from drowning in a soul-sucking job with no defined purpose while suffering from social anxiety, to owning a multiple six-figure business and dominating the lifestyle sector of social media. She has built her community to more than 175k on Instagram and 1 million on TikTok (in less than a year!), and has crowned herself the queen of pivoting (from graphic design, to SoulCycle instructor, to content creator, to Instagram strategist). In this episode, we’ll chat about how Reels vs TikTok are playing a role in our strategies going in 2022, original content vs trending content, and what Jera does to get through those moments when engagement is low. Besides this, we’ll also talk about the authenticity of TikTok, common mistakes Jera sees with brands trying to use TikTok, and how she plans her content in a time where there has been such a movement towards more reactive, in-the-moment content. Keep listening to hear more from Jera! SHOW NOTES CONNECT WITH JERA: On Instagram: @jera.bean & @thesocialmediasaloon On TikTok: @jera.bean Website:  https://www.jerabean.com/saloon/ CONNECT WITH ME: Instagram Shine with Natasha Website

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