65. When to Pause in Business with Karsen Murray

Karsen Murray is bi-polar business owner, wife, daughter, sister and friend. She's passionate about mental health, marketing, community-building and her personal favorite: celebrating the big and small things in life. By day you can find her helping small business owning gals market what they do like a pro and by night you can find her reading a good book in my bubble bath while sipping a glass of pink wine. In this episode, Karsen and I will chat about the decision to pause our podcasts and shifting our energy from business growth to personal growth. Besides this, we’ll also talk about knowing when it’s time to press pause versus cranking out content for the sake of it, black & white thinking when it comes to quitting or continuing on, and when consistency is more or less important than pausing. Last but not least, we’ll let you in on what we're going to be doing during our pause. Keep listening for more! SHOW NOTES CONNECT WITH KARSEN: On Instagram: @karsenmurray Website: https://karsenmurray.com/ CONNECT WITH ME: Instagram Shine with Natasha Website

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Natasha, host of The Shine Online Podcast and the CEO at Shine With Natasha, interviews the brightest entrepreneurs she knows to bring you no-fluff advice; honest discussions about the mental health and lifestyle aspect of entrepreneurship; and actionable strategies and success stories of those who’ve mastered the art of shining online in this conversational podcast. Her goal is to share my best Instagram strategies while empowering you to do business in a way that feels real to you. Let’s shine together.