76. Behind My Recent Rebrand

Welcome to the newer, shinier Shine With Natasha!  This rebrand has been a long journey, but five years after I first started my business, I finally feel as though I’m coming into my own. I am so thrilled with all the new things I’m offering through my signature programs, as well as all the changes made to our branding, our messaging, and the solutions we’re offering to those looking to gain confidence with their video content creation. We’re not just covering Instagram–we’re here to help with all your video content questions and concerns through the four pillars of my Shine framework.  Today, I’m giving you an exclusive sneak peek into the reasoning behind the rebrand, what’s changed, and why this has been a long time coming. EPISODE RESOURCES: Join the Video Content Camp: https://shinewithnatasha.com/camp Participate in the FREE video challenge: http://videoconfidencechallenge.com/ Get an inside look at my signature Shine Framework: https://open.spotify.com/episode/5o75i4l3GcLzz4LcyVtQlY  CONNECT WITH NATASHA: Website: https://shinewithnatasha.com/podcast Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shinewithnatasha/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL2BMkT_7jIu5NeV_yAXScw

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Natasha, host of The Shine Online Podcast and the CEO at Shine With Natasha, interviews the brightest entrepreneurs she knows to bring you no-fluff advice; honest discussions about the mental health and lifestyle aspect of entrepreneurship; and actionable strategies and success stories of those who’ve mastered the art of shining online in this conversational podcast. Her goal is to share my best Instagram strategies while empowering you to do business in a way that feels real to you. Let’s shine together.