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Ep 105: How to Stay Motivated Even When Everything Seems to be Going Wrong

It is pretty apparent we are in some extraordinary times, and people are struggling to stay motivated today. I'm no different, I have my good days and, I have my bad days, but I definitely have more good than bad. So how do I and others do it? More importantly, how do we do it consistently. Today, I will go over some recent changes I have made to keep myself motivated and going in the right direction in life and my business. As I always say, "one sure way to be unhappy and fail is to do nothing when things are going wrong." Topics Discussed: * Understanding the relation between good health, happiness, being kind and staying motivated in life * Why I decided to make some recent changes to make my life better * How to balance being informed without being overwhelmed with negativity * Why leading by example is the only way things in your life and others will change for the better * How to live your dreams and find your path * Finding your inner hippy * You decide weather you live in heaven or hell * Why never stopping to be better is the key * Hanging out with winners and ditching the losers Episode Resources: * The Simple Life Website: *Make sure to signup and be a member of The Simple Life Insider's Circle at:

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Discover how to live the life you want instead of what other people tell you to live. The host and guests uncover and share the shortest route to finding your purpose, passion, and place in the world. Featured guests include names like Thomas Massie, Kristine Stone, Damien Echols, Dan DiMauro and Morgan Pehme of HBO's The Swamp, and Matt Kibbe. The Simple Life Podcast is created and hosted by best-selling author and simple living expert Gary Collins. He is a former federal special agent and military intelligence officer who takes a no-BS-no-fluff-what’s-really-working-now approach to live the life you really want and cutting the meaningless clutter and drama. Topics range from simple living, entrepreneurship, personal freedom, finding your purpose, financial freedom, entrepreneurship, optimal health, living off the grid, and decluttering your life, just to name a few. What makes The Simple Life podcast different from the others? Gary doesn’t just talk the talk he walks the walk. He is known for being blunt, to the point, and teaching by experience, not the standard fair today of fake-it-until-you-make-it. He calls those people the “false prophets,” and there is no place for them on the show.