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Ep 92: Jason Hornady of Hornady Ammunition

Today I have a special guest, Jason Hornady of Hornady Ammunition. If you grew up hunting, in law enforcement, the military, or are a firearms enthusiast, you have definitely heard of Hornady Ammunition. Jason was introduced to me through a common friend, and it was as Jason being a recent cancer survivor. So this interview has a few different layers to it, so you will not be disappointed. And of course we talk about guns and ammo! A bit a about Hornady Ammunition. Executive leadership of the Hornady Manufacturing Company has not faltered in the firm’s first 60 years. What was created in 1949 grew sound enough and strong enough to survive the cruel blow of losing the founder 32 years later. Under Steve Hornady’s leadership, and with the active support and involvement of the Hornady family, the business has doubled, and doubled again, and doubled again. In 2006, Jason Hornady, Steve's son, returned to the company as director of sales and is currently vice president. The stature of Hornady Manufacturing Company within its industry has never been higher. Hornady Manufacturing has gone from a start-up in a small Grand Island former auto body shop to become the largest independently owned maker of bullets, ammunition, and tools in the world. That’s quite an accomplishment. It demonstrates that a great many things have been done right throughout the company’s history. It suggests as well that the future may prove just as promising. The Hornady Manufacturing Company is truly more than the sum of its employees, equipment and facilities. A visitor to Grand Island, Nebraska, can quickly discover how active the Hornady family has been in community affairs, how generous in its philanthropy, how concerned for helping others—including the larger shooting community. Topics Discussed: * How Jason found out he had cancer * What were the steps he took once he was diagnosed * How he recovered from surgery and went back to living his life * How a lot of people he knew have had prostate cancer, but never told him until after he was diagnosed * We discuss how in 2020 7 million new gun owners entered the market and how manufacturers are dealing with it * Why buying expensive items and overpaying during panic is always a bad idea * Why hoarding seems to be taking place today * How by you hoarding things makes it tough on everyone * What it has been like running a business during “surges” over recent years * What does the future of Ammo inventories look like and when will it return to normal Episode Resources: * Hornady’s website: * The Simple Life Website: *Make sure to signup and be a member of The Simple Life Insider's Circle at:

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