INTENTION: Your Highest Light

In this episode of The SimplyBe. Podcast, Jessica delves into the importance of tapping into "Your Highest Light" — this month’s new intention! By learning to listen to your highest self, you can activate this powerful energy and create the life you desire. Join Jessica as she shares her own journey of unlocking her highest self and light through working with The Priestess to see her own divinity. Get ready to be inspired and find out what's in store for the upcoming February SimplyBe. Podcast episodes.

Om Podcasten

The SimplyBe. Podcast is for anyone seeking to bring inspired authenticity into their business and their life. Host Jessica Zweig, Founder & CEO of SimplyBe., sits down with the brightest thought leaders, light workers and culture shifters of our time. Our guests come from all industries and backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common—unapologetic authenticity. Join us in unpacking the only business tool you will ever need—an authentic personal brand.