Al Hodgson

My guest on this weeks episode is Al Hodgson. Al is the creative force behind the O.W.L series of videos and their new feature Somnium is released today.  I talk to Al about starting skating and filming in Brighton, starting Owl in Bristol and how its changed over time, his love of the VX 1000, filming Somnium and his new solo skate part realised last week. Al’s videos are always interesting and a unique visual language all of their own.  Do check out all of the videos made by Al which will be linked in the podcast show notes. LINKS!  Spotify subscriptions !!!!!!!!! Please subscribe if can it really helps me literally keep the lights on for the podcast !!!! Orwellian world landscape site Somnium will be here on Grey skate mag today! Al’s  new Gradient part on YouTube All O.W.L parts on YouTube Al on instagram The skate Creative on instagram My website

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