Alex Irvine

Hi and welcome to the skate creative podcast, my names Joel Curtis and I’m a musician and skateboarder. My guest this week is Alex Irvine. Alex has worked as freelance skate photographer for all major uk publications and was also the editor of kingpin magazine for many years. I talk to Alex about starting skateboarding and photography in Aberdeen, his work at kingpin and beyond and his move into psychology. Alex’s skate photo instagram His website The podcast instagram My website New episode coming in two weeks Please leave a review on apple podcasts or Spotify if you can Thanks Joel

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Become a Paid Subscriber: Become a Paid Subscriber: Become a Paid Subscriber: My names joel curtis I’m a musician and skateboarder. in this podcast I’ll be talking to creative people about how skateboarding has influenced their work creativity and life experience. You can subscribe where ever you listen to podcasts by searching for the skate creative podcast.You can follow us on Instagram @theskatecreativepodcast For more information on upcoming guests and episodes. I do hope you’ll join me then