Sober Sisters Society Podcast

Trust Your Gut, Munchkins: Sober Sisters Society Podcast

av Sober Sisters Society Podcast | Publicerades 5/26/2021

Tammie takes us back to 1980 and our munchkin costuming crisis. And we talk about how to access and listen to your inner voice. 

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Welcome, to the Sober SIsters Society Podcast!* This podcast is fun, relatable, encouraging women’s sober support at the tap of a button! We’re real sisters who tell all about our experiences before and after putting down the bottle, and how we’re dealing with life today. We don't believe fear and shame did us any favors, so we're all about moving forward, trying to become better every day. It's working for us! We start each show with hilarious vignettes about our past, from the 70s on up, then pick a recovery-related topic to talk about. If you’re a sober or sober-curious woman, we cordially invite you to join us. You won’t want to miss it. And, always remember... don't drink like my sister! Love, Nicole and Tammie*formerly the Sober Sisters Social Club