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430: Rocky Coles, Shoe Plants

av The Sodshow, Garden Podcast - Sod Show | Publicerades 8/14/2019

Peter Donegan chats with good friend, all round legend and repected maestro of the horticulture world Rocky Coles. Rocky is a hands on professional horticulturist, maintaining and developing private gardens in Northamptonshire under the guise of Well Planted. A skilled gardener who loves wielding a sharp pair of secateurs, transforming shrubby blobs and wild wisterias allowing them to shine. Known to some as the dancing gardener, he is a firm believer of bringing joy and fun to the garden and making gardening accessible for all. Rocky is the brainchild behind the Northampton shoeplants project.  Originally set up in 2017 as a street entry in Northampton in Bloom, the campaign has gone from strength to strength. Supported the last two years by the council and Northampton BID, a small team has created around a hundred pairs of Planted shoes which decorate railings to high street shop fronts across the town centre. Celebrating the history of the town and supporting the high street, this horticultural project has brought curiosity, inspiration and smiles to many. The Sodshow is available every week in iTunes, spotify and all good podcast stores. Further info: web: Instagram: rockycoles Twitter: @rocky_coles The Sodshow: Twitter: @sodshow facebook: The Sodshow instagram: sodshow

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