FLEXIBLE WORK: How not to exploit ourselves

The work that academic Heejung Chung does is fascinating. She studies flexible working (among many other aspects of work) with particular focus on how gender dynamics can and do impact both the work we do and the choices we make about that work. She's just written her first book The Flexibility Paradox: Why Flexible Working Leads to (Self-)Exploitation, which is all about why we need to think carefully as more and more of us move into flexible work - especially solo workers - because working flexibly, while emphatically a good thing for most people, can also lead to overwork and burnout. Instead of rushing into flexibility, we need to think carefully about how to get it right, while we can - while work is evolving as swiftly as it is now.The Solo Collective is sponsored by Tide business banking: banking made easy for sole traders and small businesses. We are also sponsored by Pension Bee, which has a flexible pension product specifically for self employed people.More from Heejung Chung:Website: HeejungChung.comTwitter: @HeejungChungMore from Rebecca Seal:Instagram: @bexseal ; @the_solo_collectiveTwitter: @RebeccaSealWebsite: How To Work AloneThis series is produced by Hester Cant Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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Whether you work for yourself, or by yourself, the Solo Collective is here to make things a little bit easier. Working alone can be hard, and comes with its own challenges. The Solo Collective is a podcast about dealing with those challenges: we want to make solo working better for everyone.Hosted by Rebecca Seal, the bestselling author of 'Solo - How to Work Alone and Not Lose Your Mind', the Solo Collective is a podcast series is designed to help solitary workers do so happily.Now on season three, Rebecca has spoken to experts and well-known solo workers from around the world, to find out how we can all thrive while working alone. Previous guests include Dr Laurie Santos (from Yale and host of The Happiness Lab podcast), Emma Gannon (host of Ctrl-Alt-Delete podcast), Henry Holland (Fashion Designer), Bruce Daisley (work expert and host of Eat Sleep Work Repeat), Shahroo Izadi (behaviour change expert and author of the Kindness Method), and Anna Sale (host of the award-winning podcast Death, Sex and Money and author of Let's Talk About Hard Things).The new six-part season will feature conversations with the writer Oliver Burkeman (Author of Four Thousand Weeks: Time and How To Use It) and Madeleine Dore (from Extraordinary Routines and author of I Didn't Do The Thing Today) among others.We cover everything from anxiety to imposter syndrome, money to home-office design, productivity myths to how to take work less seriously, networking to how to cope with work when your family are all in the building too. We're glad to have you here with us. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.