Ant Law: 'Searching'

Hello listeners, and thanks for tuning in to episode 13! Today you'll be hearing from the fantastic guitarist and composer Ant Law. We actually recorded this episode on the 21st August 2020, but in an attempt to balance the different genres we get to enjoy Ant's wisdom nearly 7 months later!Since Ant moved to the UK from Saudi Arabia in his teens, he has built a reputation as one of the UK's most prolific and innovative bandleaders. He has released four amazing albums under his own name, whilst also collaborating on hugely significant and grammy-nominated albums with international artists such as Tim Garland, Jason Rebello and Evelyn Glennie.Ant is also highly revered for his mastery on the guitar, featured in publications such as 'Total Guitar,' Guitar Techniques, and Guitarist magazine. He has also authored a book entitled '3rd Millenium Guitar: Introduction to perfect fourths tuning.'Needless to say, he is a huge inspiration for me and many others around the world. It is my pleasure to welcome Ant Law. by Katie Stevenson:

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