Ella Jarman-Pinto: 'This Little Rose'

Hello listeners, and welcome to episode 14, featuring composer, vocalist and educator, Ella Jarman-Pinto.Ella is a critically acclaimed composer, described by Classic FM as ‘one of the UK’s most exciting music-makers’. She has had repeat performances of her work by BBC Singers, broadcasts by BBC Radio 3, and was Composer in Residence with Streetwise Opera from 2016-17.Ella was featured in both BBC Radio 3’s International Women’s Day (2016) and BBC National Music Day (2015). She received a further performance and broadcast by the BBC, alongside Dame Errollyn Wallen, as part of a BASCA concert celebrating works by black and minority ethnic composers in 2016. Ella's talents can also be heard in award-winning film and television, and with several exciting projects lined up, she really is one to watch.After studying at the Guildhall together many moons ago, it really was such a pleasure to catch-up and I'm thrilled to introduce all of you to the wonderful Ella Jarman-Pinto.www.ellajarman-pinto.co.ukwww.soundspring.co.ukwww.tommy-andrews.co.ukArtwork by Katie Stevenson: katiestevensoncreative.myportfolio.com 

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