Pete Letanka: 'Hope and Glory'

Hello listeners, and welcome to episode 12. This week we have the creative force that is Pete Letanka. Pete came onto the scene after graduating from Leeds College of Music. Forming a trio and releasing his debut album 'Afrostocracy' on the award winning Zephyr label garnered a great deal of positive press. All the while, he had started working for the Children's music workshop and subsequently his education work has inspired people from all ages, backgrounds and genres. Pete's versatility and vision sees him facilitating composition in youth offender’s institutes, creating jazz ensembles with primary school children; working with professional orchestras and opera houses and working with street children in India.  Pete enjoyed three years as the Artistic Director of Aldeburgh Music’s ‘Group A’ and five years as a Music Director of Glyndebourne Youth Opera. He is an education ambassador for the National Youth Jazz Orchestra and a trustee for the St. Albans Cathedral Music Trust.I started playing and educating with Pete through Ed Babar's Blues and Roots ensemble, and I knew that I had found a kindred spirit when it came to sharing the expressive powers of music. I rarely meet people who possess such boundless energy and enthusiasm. Pete truly is a treasure and a force for good in the world. Please welcome the extraordinary Pete Letanka.  LINK TO PERFORMANCE OF 'HOPE AND GLORY': by Katie Stevenson: 

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